We are partnered with ComEd on their program to offer utility rebates on central air conditioners. You will now make a claim with Munch’s Supply and we will file for the rebate on your behalf. This eliminates the consumer having to fill out paperwork and necessary documents that were required in the past. Using the ComEd rebate form below, fill in the required information to receive the rebates. You will receive a credit on your account when ComEd processes the request. The average time is four weeks from date of entry.

Please note: This program only pertains to central air conditioner units through ComEd; all other utility rebates need to be claimed through the utility provider.

2020 central air conditioner rebate amounts are as follows:

• 15 Seer- $100
• 16 Seer- $150
• 18 Seer- $225
Please note: Rebates are subject to change per ComEd guidelines

If you do not have the AHRI number, click here for our AHRI System Selection Tools.